Better wages and benefits: we represent our members and negotiate on their behalf for better wages because remuneration they get is far less that the demand set by cost of living. In addition we negotiate for benefits which include 13th cheque bonus and Provident Funds.

Legal representation: we offer professional legal representation to our members in CCMA, Bargaining Councils, Labour Court. We have very skilled officials who ensure that they represent workers to their best capacity. We have also represent our members at shop floor in disciplinary inquiries through our well trained shop stewards.

Personal Protection: we ensure that workers’ rights are protected and are not being violated.

Equality: we are a non-sexist and non-racial trade union. We fight for equality in workplace, we ensure that our members do not experience salary and treatment inequalities.

Security & Stability: we fight for job security by fighting against labour brokers and fixed terms contractors. We already are subjected to poverty, with precarious jobs we acquire it means poverty is not yet to end soon hence we fight for permanent employment.

Better working conditions: we fight for favorable working conditions, we ensure that health and safety protocols are observed and complied with by employers.